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You’ve read the books. Positive affirmations, slick slogans, pictures of zillion dollar houses and Bentleys adorn your refrigerator and bathroom mirror. You attended the sales meetings that taught you how to sell more. You’ve sat through the seminars that taught clever comebacks and how to close more often. You’ve listened to the famous speakers and bought their CD’s and programs that promised success.

What happened after the seminars, books, sales meetings and all the rest? Probably not much. Sales didn’t increase. Performance didn’t improve. And your income didn’t balloon. Whatever you’ve tried so far, didn’t work. Why?

No matter how good the new methods sounded or were, you reverted to your old behavior, the behavior that hasn’t been getting the job done. The behavior that’s been programmed into your cognitive maps from birth until now. Those cognitive maps are housed in your subconscious mind, but you attempted to make behavioral change in your conscious or thinking mind. That simply cannot be done.

Success in Sales
His real name is Arnold. But
his mother called him ‘Slick’

Nothing happens until somebody sells something. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a product or a service. There are very few problems in any business or a practice that can’t be solved with more customers, clients or patients. If you want to make more money – you must sell more. And to sell more, you have to change your behavior. It has to be different from the behavior you’ve been using all this time, because that behavior will continue to give you the same results you’ve been getting.

Are you afraid to get an appointment? Are you afraid to sell? Are you afraid to ask for the business? Is something blocking your success? Do you think that there is a possibility that you’ve been sabotaging yourself?

Call me for a complimentary evaluation session at 404.277.1827. Let’s clear out the limiting thinking that has been blocking your success.

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