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Bob Crow, Hypnosis Seminars & Stage HypnosisExcerpts from Bob Crow’s book, Why Hypnosis:

The differences between winning and losing in life are both great and small simultaneously. Winning in your career. Winning in sports. Having a satisfying and happy relationship. Losing excess weight. Stopping smoking. The rewards are certainly great when one is winning in life. It’s been said that everyone likes a winner. But the converse is also true – a winner likes everyone! Why is that? A winner generally is a happy person with a great outlook on their life.

Do you know the differences in baseball between a .300 and a .200 hitter? Several million dollars a year more income, and… get this; only one more base hit every ten times at bat! Not one more home run. Not one more triple or double. But just one more base hit every ten times at bat. The .300 hitter has only a 10 percent edge over the .200 hitter!

The concert level pianist doesn’t play twice as good or four times better than their coach. The difference is only 10 percent. The concert level pianist gets all of the accolades and is compensated incredibly more, but the actual difference in playing skills is only 10 percent or less.

The same thing holds true whether we are talking about a cardiologist, a successful business person, someone that has a successful marriage, or successful business and social relationships. What separates the winners from the rest is that 10 percent edge.

One absolutely cannot change one’s life without changing the way that one thinks. And changing the way one thinks on the subconscious level is the key to that 10 percent edge. You’ve tried seminars, you attended motivational speeches and you’ve used will power, and it hasn’t worked has it? Contrary to popular! belief, hypnosis does not give someone else control over your mind… it puts you firmly in control! Our imagination. Our habits. Our emotional responses. Our behavior has already been pre programmed in a manner that is diametrically opposed to achieving the degree of success that we desire in life. In other words, we were designed by our creator to be successful and happy people, but in many cases, we have been programmed for failure. The negative impact of others on us must be replaced!

Whether you finally want to lose that excess weight and keep if off, to stop smoking once and for ever, to win in business, or to have successful relationships of all types… you can work with Bob Crow to achieve that 10 percent edge in life. Call for a complimentary consultation.

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