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Use hypnosis to function under pressure.

Use hypnosis to function under pressure.

Air traffic control …are you declaring an emergency Cactus 1539?

03:25:10         Captain                      gear up.

03:26:54         Captain                      flaps up.

03:27:07         Captain                      after takeoff check list complete.

03:27:10         Captain                       birds!

03:27:11         cockpit recorder        (sounds of thumps followed by         shuddering sound.)

03:27:14         First Officer               uh oh!

03:27:15         First Officer               loss of thrust – both engines.

03:27:18         Captain                      attempt reignite.

03:27:23         Captain                      my aircraft

03:27:28         First Officer               your aircraft.

03:27:32         First Officer               mayday  mayday  mayday  uh this is cactus 1539

hit birds – we’ve lost thrust both engines– turning back towards LaGuardia.

03:28:10         First Officer               unable to re-ignite engines.

03:28:14         First Officer               emergency power not online.

03:29.00         First Officer               we’re gonna be in the Hudson.

03:29:11         Captain                      this is the captain brace for impact.

When the average person is confronted by a problem, a disappointment, an uncertainty, a fear, or an emergency, their common reflex action is to stress or panic. And when a person stresses, when they panic, they are shut off from their only two problem solvers, their creativity and their imagination. Our creativity and our imagination are located in our subconscious mind – not our conscious mind. We don’t need to think about what’s in our subconscious mind – that’s taken care of automatically.

What if… what if? What if our reflex was to instead of going to stress or panic mode, we reflexed to calm? Our subconscious mind, which  is where our imagination and creativity reside, would allow is to see the problem and the solution with a clarity and an insight that is not available when we are in our stressed or panicked mode.

Can this be done? Yes, as a matter of fact it can done and it is being done every day.

How did US Air Captain Chelsey Sullenberger and First Officer Jeffery Skiles react when they lost both engines on US Air 1549 only minutes and seconds after taking off? We’ve all seen the footage and heard everyone… the passengers… Air Traffic Control… and LaGuardia tower, everyone remarked how calm Captain Sullenberger and First Officer Skiles behaved through the entire ordeal. Yes, they were very well trained. But all the training in the world would have been to no avail if they would have panicked or stressed out when they found themselves flying a 375,000 pound airplane carrying 150 passengers with the engines no longer providing any power whatsoever.

The principles are they same whether you have to make a speech, you are a salesman that has to make a sale, a physician, a parent, an athlete, someone needing to pass a test, a bride planning her wedding … it doesn’t matter. If you reflex to calm instead of panic and stress, your life will be much smoother! You will evaluate the problem and deliver a solution and still remain calm.

In my hypnotherapy practice in Atlanta Georgia, there is not a day that goes by without someone’s presenting complaint having a component that requires steadiness and the ability to make decisions under pressure. If you would like to reflex to calm instead of stress or panic in your life, call Bob Crow at 404.277.18287 for a complimentary evaluation.

Bob Crow is a practicing hypnotherapist in Atlanta Georgia. He works with those wishing to overcome stress, panic, phobias, procrastination, fears, to become better athletes, better public speakers, better salesmen, to stop smoking, to lose weight and keep it off, to save their relationships, to quit sabotaging themselves and any other area of behavioral change that the desire to make.

Bob Crow 404.277.1827      bob@bobcrowhypnosis.com

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