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Absent minded eating.

While you were talking on the phone, you were eating potato chips. You got off the phone and discovered you had eaten the whole bag! A relationship  went in the hopper. While being upset about it and talking to a friend, you ate a whole container of cookie dough. You didn’t take time to eat lunch. By the time you got home you were  starved and felt awful. You needed something to bring your blood sugar up so you began to eat cheese and crackers while preparing dinner. When you finally realized what you were doing, you had already eaten a tube of crackers and a quarter of a pound of cheese!

Sound familiar? No one overeats because they’re  hungry. People over eat because they are upset,  worried,  bored,  hurting,  angry,  excited,  tired, depressed or even happy! Absent minded eating occurs when we are either distracted by a problem or an emotional occurrence or have deprived ourselves of nourishment by not eating a balanced meal, thereby allowed one’s energy level to drop.

Although it sabotages your weight loss program as much as deliberately and knowingly eating too much, absent minded eating is insidious. You generally don’t realize what you’ve done until after the fact. The key is to be aware. Watch for signs of a mood shift or  energy drop.

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