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The Price of Success V.S. The Price of Failure

Hollywood and television producers, many of the educational and political elitists and others that already have money, lament the price of success. Success is often portrayed in the media and the entertainment industry as evil and causing a person to be morally bankrupt. Of course there is a price of success, but there is also a price to be paid for failure. The price of failure is far more costly. You see, you will pay the price of failure every day, day in and day out for the rest of your life. You pay the price of failure on the installment plan – literally and figuratively.  You pay it on the installment plan for the rest of your life. This writer doesn’t know what it takes for you to feel comfortable, but you and your family having less will not cause others to have more. This much is sure, life will extract a price from you. You were designed for excellence but programed for mediocrity. A winner is most often a happy person.  You can be as successful as your dreams and effort will take you.The choice is yours!

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