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This is great!
I started getting anxious about 2 years ago. I was anxious about my job, my finances and my marriage. It got so bad that I could couldn’t sleep at night and I spent most days feeling like jumping out of my skin. A friend referred me to Bob, she had gone to Bob to lose weight and was very enthusiastic about the results. I figured what did I have to lose? This worked incredibly well for me. After the first session I could tell a major difference and it just got better from there. I highly recommend Bob’s services. He is highly skilled in hypnosis and very intuitive as well. Thanks Bob!!
Linda Kevelin, Atlanta

I was the professional dieter, been on almost every diet known to man including Jenny Craig. I lose the weight but then gain it back. I knew how to diet, but I did not know how to keep it off. I’ve had a personal trainer, and I have a dietitian, but I needed some serious help.
Bob is the real deal and what he does works!! He not only helped me to lose the weight, but I lost almost 30 inches, which I think is incredible. And the weight just keeps coming off.

I am a healthier, happier person. It impacts not only me but my patients, my family, and my community.
I am thankful to Bob for his support, and guidence. He was able to help me see the best in myself.
Again, thanks Bob for all of your help!!

Great seminar

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful program you presented to Horiba last week. I have had absolutely nothing but positive feedback since the Sales Meeting. Your presentations exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Your entire program built up to a very dynamic finish at our annual awards banquet. It set exactly the right tone for everyone who has to achieve difficult objectives in 2009. The sales staff departed with a very positive feeling about their success in 2009, in spite of the very difficult economy.”
Michael C. Pohl, PhD, Vice President, Scientific Products

Life can be good!
I thought that I was doing fine in both my business and my marriage. I started seeing Bob Crow and I quickly discovered that I was barely getting by in both areas. Bob has worked wonders for me. He confronted me like a Dutch Uncle and helped me break through self-imposed barriers, be more creative and productive in my business, and be more considerate in my marriage. Wow! I had no idea what hypnotherapy could achieve. I am now telling my friends about Bob Crow

Improve your Golf
I have been an avid golfer for thirty years. I practice and play often, had had a number of quality lessons and read all the books and magazines.

I play pretty well and have won several club competitions. However, each time I reach a certain level, I have run into barriers which prevent me to go to the next level. But golf is 90% mental.

After a few sessions with Bob, I am breaking through those barriers and have more confidence than I have had in many years. My handicap is dropping each month.
Thanks Bob

The dentists and the periodontists demand to have you back!”
Thom Duffy, DDS, Canadian Academy of Periodontists
Four weeks after our awards banquet and the staff is still talking about it.
Turner Studios/TimeWarner

Bob’s keynote VISION! was incredible! Everyone left feeling renewed.
Crown Realty, Lisbon, Ohio

The 10% Edge was by far the best seminar I ever attended! I have been using the tools to change my cognitive maps and function intuitively.
Ron DeLuca, Pittsburgh, PA

Weight Loss Success
When I first went to see Bob he couldn’t weigh me as his scales only went up to 400 pounds! Bob asked me what I wanted to weigh. I gave him an answer. He said”not what are you willing to settle for, what do you really want to weigh?” I told him half thinking that he would laugh. He said” you might as well lose what you really want to.” That was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I recommend Bob without reservation.
John Robbins, Cumming
Bob Crow, Stage Hypnotist and Seminars

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