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You can’t get the change – if you don’t want to make the changes!

There isn’t a day that goes by that someone doesn’t come into my office wanting some kind of change in their life – reinventing themselves to get a job, a better job, to have better personal relationships, to move past limiting thinking and fears, or to stopping smoking or to lose that excess weight permanently. The problem is that although they want a healthier, richer and fuller life – some of them want the change in their life, but they don’t want to, or are unwilling to make the changes! If you want to make behavioral change – that’s where hypnosis excels.

Albert Einstein’s often repeated quote “using the same solution on the same problem but expecting different results is the mark of insanity.” As a behavioral therapist, board certified in medical and clinical hypnosis, it probably isn’t the mark of insanity – but it is useless.

A man that seemed to be intelligent came to see me in order to stop smoking. To become a NON smoker, an individual will have three sessions within eight days. Very rarely will someone not become a “non smoker” after the very first session. The two additional sessions within the eight days are generally for reinforcement only. My success rate is so high, that I guess that I take it for granted. After five sessions he was still smoking. I asked “why do think that you still smoke?” He said “I love my cigarettes… they are my friends.” Despite all of the evidence to the contrary, he said “it would be impossible for me to get any form of cancer, emphysema, heart disease or to stroke from smoking cigarettes.” Needless to say, I couldn’t believe that he was serious. Despite appearing to be intelligent, it would appear that he had some serious holes and denial issues in his ability to reason. I can’t make him or anyone else, not want to smoke. He will continue smoking until he dies of something, or the quality of his life is reduced to just trying to breathe or beg for the attendants to up his morphine to fight off the pain. It’s sad. He was and is a nice man, but…

An attractive young woman thirty five years of age and about 30 pounds overweight came into my office and wanted hypnotherapy to “lose my fat once and for all”. That established that she wanted the change! Like most people she had gradually been putting on her excess pounds every year. She brought the book with her that had the diet and exercise program that she said, “I’ve been using for twelve years.” She informed me, that she was going to continue to use it. Further she stated “I don’t need your help with what to eat – only losing the weight!” Incredulously I inquired what she meant. She said that she wanted “to get thin using the program in her book.” That was the same program that had failed! She was determined to continue doing what hadn’t worked for 12 years! Interestingly, out of eight scheduled sessions she only came to three. She wanted the results of change without making changes. Perhaps she thought that I could sprinkle pixie dust on her so that she would lose her weight. I can’t make someone make the changes.

Men and women have come to see me with some extremely serious, but fixable issues in their marital lives. Most often, the problems are often of their own making, and behavioral change would remedy it! One man had a beautiful wife and two fine children. His conduct was solvable. He could have saved his marriage. But he wanted to continue in sexual behavior that was diametrically opposed to a loving and trusting relationship. I assured him that he could fix it through hypnosis if he wanted to. He said “I believe you… but what if I don’t want to quit?” I can’t make him want to quit. I have seen countless people that wanted the results of change… without making the changes that were required for a happy life.

Lindsay Lohan and many other performers and people in the public eye seem to want their life to become better – to change. However they don’t grasp that the behavior that has brought them to where they are today, if continued, will yield the same results as it has in the past. They will make no progress. Life will get no better!

If you want to make the necessary changes in your life to have a happier, a more fulfilling and a more rewarding life – hypnosis is the answer. The changes that you want to make can’t be made in your conscious mind… only the subconscious mind. The only way to access one’s subconscious is through hypnosis.  Hypnosis is the bridge to the subconscious mind. Give Bob Crow a call at 404.277.1827

Bob Crow is a behavioral therapist board certified in clinical and medical hypnotherapy. He practices in Atlanta Georgia working with those wishing to overcome stress, panic, phobias, procrastination and fears. With those that wish to perform better in sports, sales, public speaking, to stop smoking, to lose weight permanently, to quit sabotaging relationships and any other area of behavioral change that would make life more enjoyable.

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